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  • Legislative Liaison, Assemblywoman Munoz, District 21

  • Summit Common Councilwoman, Ward 2

  • Administrative Policies & Community Relations Committee, Chair

  • Safety and Health Committee, Member

  • HTTV, Board of Trustee and Talk Show Host



  • Law and Labor Committee, Chair

  • Historic Preservation Commission, Council Liaison

  • Summit High School, PTO Co-President

  • Talk Show Host:  "As a Matter of Fact,"  Community Champions," and Cohost of Community Conversations."

  • JPMorganChase, Human Resources, HR Business Partner

  • Cub Scout Troop 360, Co-Cub Leader

  • Summit Park Line, Board of Trustee Member

  • IFVP, Board of Trustee Member

  • Better Angels, Member

  • Jersey City, Community Organizing

  • No Labels, Member

  • M.A. of Public and Organizational Relations, MSU



My name is Lisa Allen and I was appointed  to Council in February 2021.  I filled Councilman Steve Bowman’s vacated seat. In November 2021,  I was officially elected as a  Summit Councilwoman for Ward 2.  This year I am back on the ballot for re-election and am working to earn your vote. I have been blessed to be a resident of Summit for almost 12 years with my husband and two teenage boys. Both went through Summit's public school system and currently attend Summit High. Over the years I have enjoyed  being a Hilltopper and finding new and meaningful ways to deepen our roots here. 


Over the years, my life has evolved and pivoted in a variety of ways. I have worked for a start-up, a large international finance company, owned a small business, stayed home to raise my children, and volunteered for an assortment of causes ranging from community organizing in Jersey City to Co-President of the SHS PTO.  The various stages in my life have given me a broad perspective and ability to relate to a variety of people from all walks of life. I believe all voices matter and have a place in our community where they feel safe, respected, and heard.


In 2016, a friend and local mom inspired me when she decided to return to school for an advanced degree. After staying home to raise my kids for about ten years, I returned to school and graduated with my M.A. in Public and Organizational Relations from Montclair State University in 2019.  That led me back to a full-time position where I currently work in District 21's Legislative Office for Assemblywoman Munoz as a Legislative Liaison.  Helping constituents solve problems every day is a similar role to the work we do as Council members.  


For those who want to get involved, it's my hope to provide encouragement that no matter where you are in life - taking risks, discovering your passion, and giving back is not only personally fulfilling, but you can also become an unexpected role model for others in your community.  Summit is full of volunteers that give back to the city and local organizations.  While my Council role is volunteer and requires an enormous commitment, I believe it is all of our responsibility to do what we can to preserve what brought most residents to Summit - small town charm and strong local schools for the next generation.  While I am a Ward 2 Councilwoman, I serve our whole community no matter where in town you live. I welcome anyone and everyone from the community to reach out to me if you have questions or want to get to know me.   


I'm often asked, “Why are you interested in serving on Council?”  My answer is simple:  Because local matters.

take the role of a Council member seriously and strive to serve to the best of my ability. The best way I can achieve this is through listening, learning, and elevating your voice. My goal is to meet every Summit resident so I can learn what you care about and discuss what you enjoy about our great city. Serving on Council is not about my agenda, it’s about what the community cares about - finding common ground and a united voice for all on a local level. 
Whatever I learn from you over the next several months I will first and foremost, always focus on: 

  • Safe Neighborhoods

  • Smart Government

  • Small Business Vitality


Summit is an incredibly diverse town of over 22,000 residents. That diversity is what makes Summit unique and keeps our hometown a shining beacon on the hill.  

I look forward to meeting you soon so I can earn your trust and your vote. In the meantime, it’s an honor to serve as your Councilwoman and I hope you allow me to continue representing you in 2022 and beyond.

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