I am committed to understanding the needs of Summit.

I want residents to be confident in my commitment and ability to  listen, seek creative solutions, and govern smartly.  

Summit's priorities will receive my utmost attention.  


Safe Neighborhoods

Keeping families and neighborhoods

safe is a key priority for me.  As a wife, mom, friend, and neighbor I want

everyone who lives here to be comfortable leaving their doors unlocked when they’re home, or unafraid when their kids are playing outdoors. One thing I loved about Summit from the beginning was my kids being able walk to town on their own safely.  It gave them independence, and in a “big” small town, I always knew there was a set of friendly eyes on them because they knew the store owners or one of our friends would see them walking.  We would always watch out for each other. As the pandemic lessens, and we return to some normalcy, a renewed sense of vitality throughout town will bring more people and more traffic.  Staying focused  on safety is critical. Many of us moved here because of the small town charm, excellent schools, and green space; and I will continue to work to preserve Summit as one of the best towns to raise your children, attract young couples, and ensure our elderly feel welcome and can afford to stay. Maybe even finding a location for a dog park!  

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Sensible Government

A hallmark of citizen-centric government is actively listening to residents and hearing what they care about to build their trust, and open the door for a diversity of voices and sensible policies that work for all socio-economic statuses and political ideologies. We are at our best when voices are elevated and citizens are able to have deliberative and purposeful dialogue with their local officials. I will

be hyper - focused on localized

government – ensuring those who live and are invested in our community have a seat at the table to shape smart policies and overall business and residential development. Further, a significant portion of our budget goes to Union County, 27.44% to be exact, which means we need to keep an eye on their spending and continually advocate as to how our tax dollars come back to us through shared services. The local government’s role should be to stabilize the boundaries of our community so we can thrive, build a sense of security, and create sensible policy while embracing the richness of cultural diversity that makes Summit a desirable place to live for all!

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Small Business Vitality

Historic Downtown Summit is well known for its variety of small and mid-sized businesses, boutique shops, restaurants, and easy access to NYC. Our town center, nestled within our beautiful neighborhoods, offers entertainment, social connection, and shopping for all ages. Many people who move here often say they chose our great city because of its perfect size (not too big/not too small). Small businesses are the backbone of every local economy by providing a source of financial freedom for individuals, long-term generational wealth for families, and  early job opportunities for our kids, which help them build valuable skills for the future. I will work to ensure Summit is always focused on creating an environment where our local businesses are able to thrive. We can achieve this by concentrating on containing over-commercialization so local main street can compete and listening to business owners needs and partnering with them to remove unnecessary barriers that would impede growth. Supporting a local ecosystem is the secret to keeping Summit strong, vibrant, and enduring.